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Nana Chats

​There is a need to amplify voices surrounding nuanced discussions on women’s health. We support seasoned women by making certain they are educated about continuing gynecologic care in order to improve health outcomes and overall quality of life. Through our innovative approach to educational workshops, we provide a safe, hands-on, fun, and informative learning environment that empowers women to become more engaged in their healthcare. Hear and share stories with other women and learn from leading healthcare providers and advocates.

Nana Chats are monthly-themed programs on a variety of topics relating to women’s health and amplifying the voices, experiences, and needs of our seasoned women. Each month we will welcome women and our distinguished guest presenters for a 90-minute virtual conversation.


In collaboration with George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, we offer workshops to learn more about the attitudes, knowledge and beliefs of continuing gynecologic health care in women 55 and older or those who are post-menopausal from medical reasons. Our workshops are creative educational experiences providing up-to-date information on gynecologic cancers, women's and sexual health using humor, Nanalogues, and peer reviewed presentations for eligible participants.


Peer Support Advocates

​Peer Support Advocates are key in ongoing support for our seasoned women and following up with the participants from the study workshops. PSA reinforce the education received and encourages women to commit to scheduling their well-woman visits with designated gynecologists during the Take Your Nana to the Doctor week. They conduct virtual / home visits and make phone calls to participants. They provide resource referrals and stand as emotional support to those who need a shoulder to lean on. They also provide a sense of accountability for our seasoned women to follow through on scheduling medical appointments.

​Peer & Provider Training

​An informed and empowered seasoned woman understands that she is a partner in her health journey. We train healthcare providers in techniques to improve their patient engagement with post-menopausal women. We also equip peer support teams with tools to assist women with navigating resources, health, and community services.

Provider Training

​Using our Project Nana tool kit, providers are trained to identify biases, improve the office culture/environment, communications and trust among their seasoned patients. Using our step-by-step questionnaire and guide, providers are introduced to techniques to improve their patient engagement in order to acquire necessary medical and social history and to have safe conversations on more sensitive topics such as sexual activity/history, gynecologic and aging issues.

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Women's Health & Aging Advocacy

​Advancing health equity for women 55 years and older means creating awareness and advocating for change in language and policies that diminish the importance of ongoing, preventative women’s healthcare beyond the reproductive season.

Our policy initiatives are focused on 3 main areas:

  • Revising Medicare access for annual women’s exams from every two years to each year

  • Expanding data collection and reporting to include women 55 years and older with respect to sexual health, communicable diseases and quality of life, social determinants of health

  • Establishing primary care focused on women’s health and aging

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