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Donate to Project Nana

Project Nana thanks you for your consideration and generous gift to our Legacy Wall, annual Save Our Seasoned campaign, member fundraising, and special giving opportunities.

With a monthly donation of $10, help Project Nana provide assistance for women's healthcare for our seasoned women in need. This program will assist with co-pays, exams, and medications for those women 55 and over, without insurance or who are under-insured.

The Legacy Wall is an opportunity to pay homage to the seasoned women in our lives. Whether they are soldiering through a women's cancer or HIV/AIDS, or if they have moved the fight to beyond the veil, the legacy wall provides a means to acknowledge, remember and say her name. Each September on Grandparents Sunday, we will have an Honor Roll Call of names and images of the women of the wall. Make your donation of $100 or more in memory of or in honor of, along with a photo and profile here.

Project Nana, Inc. seeks your assistance as we embark on our first fundraising campaign with a goal of $20,000. Your financial support enables us to conduct:

  • Project Nana creative workshops targeting postmenopausal women

  • Take Your Nana to the Doctor multimedia awareness campaigns

  • Community promotions and outreach activities

  • Provider communications and engagement training

  • Peer Support Advocate training

  • Referral assistance for women insured under Medicare who qualify as low-income earners or who lack insurance for GYN screenings.

Project Nana, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit public health organization that seeks to promote awareness of the need for, improve perceptions of, and increase the consistency of gynecological screenings in postmenopausal seasoned women. Our goal is to reduce the number of new late-stage diagnoses of gynecological cancers and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among seasoned women and to improve their overall quality of life. Our primary campaign - Take Your Nana to the Doctor Week - is a partnership of advocates, physicians, and community stakeholders. The campaign, which integrates workshops and interactive community-based activities, launched in the Virginia Beach region of Virginia and we are now expanding nationally.

We invite you to work with us to help improve the health outcomes and quality of life of seasoned women in our community. If just 500 people donated $100 each, we will reach our fundraising goal of $50,000. We welcome any amount that you are able to give towards the Project Nana mission. As a thank you for gifts $100 and over, we will place the name and photo (as authorized) of all donors on the Nana Legacy Wall section of the Project Nana website, which allows you to honor a beloved seasoned woman in your life with a special dedication message.​

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