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'Many People of Color Worry Good Health Care Is Tied to Their Appearance' from KFF Health News

Many people from racial and ethnic minority groups brace themselves for insults and judgments before medical appointments, according to a new survey of patients that reaffirms the prevalence of racial discrimination in the U.S. health system.

'7 Burnout Symptoms To Look Out For (And How To Prevent It!), According To Psychologists' from Women's Health

It can be difficult to differentiate whether you're dealing with something like depression versus burnout because of the similarity in symptoms. Here's what you need to know about burnout and how to identify it.

'Black Americans expect to face racism in the doctor's office, survey finds' from NPR

Many people of color in this country say they have to change the way they dress and mentally brace themselves for potential mistreatment when they visit the doctor. That's one of the sobering findings of a large new survey that probes the extent and implications of discrimination in American life.

'7 Signs You're Aging Well, According to Geriatricians
from Huffpost

We also look at their cognitive health in this ... making sure that they are staying mentally strong, they are using their mind, they are engaging in exercises to stimulate their mind, which means they are learning like a new skill.

'Heart-Healthy DASH Diet May Help Women Avoid Memory Loss Later in Life' from Health

Women who follow a heart-healthy diet in middle age may be less likely to show signs of cognitive decline decades later.

'Cancer disparities persisted even among clinical trial participants, study finds' from STAT

A new study suggests that increasing trial diversity won’t be enough to eliminate health disparities. The study, published in JAMA Network Open on Wednesday, found that even among clinical trial participants, disparities still emerged for some groups of breast cancer patients, including young Black and Hispanic patients and Hispanic patients with certain breast cancer subtypes.

'How Changes in Breast Density Over Time May Influence Breast Cancer Risk' from Health

Differences in breast density loss can provide a red flag that prompts individuals to schedule a checkup with their healthcare provider.

'Cancer experts demand action to end ongoing drug shortage: "People’s lives are really at stake"’ from CNN

“The drug shortages are an enormous, complex problem and in part reflect an economic challenge, where essentially the low profit margin for some of these generic drugs disincentivizes companies from committing to producing them,” said Dr. Philip Greenberg, president of the association and an author of the new report.

'Age 70 means a big change in breast cancer care, study finds' from Axios

Researchers looked at records of more than 500,000 women with breast cancer who, regardless of age, should have received a recommendation for either radiation or endocrine therapy after surgery, Evans said. Looking year-by-year, they expected to see a gradual decline in rates of recommendations for post-surgery treatments, as expected lifespan shortened. Instead, they saw a steep cliff occur between age 69 and 70. More than 90% of those who were ages 50 to 69 were recommended for additional therapy.

'Women face host of disadvantages in cancer prevention and care, report find' from STAT News

“The truth is in many ways and many places, women have very little choice to obtain care, even if care is available, even if poverty isn’t the primary issue, because of power dynamics,” Ginsburg said. “Because of access to knowledge, who is the locus of decision-making in the family, and access on the financial domain as well. Patriarchy dominates every aspect of these issues.”

'Evidence for “Tough Conversations” Around Racism in Access to Cancer Care' from Cancer Health

The findings showed clear disparities based on patients’ race, ability to pay, and the availability of specialists/cancer centers in their area—significantly impacting treatment course, which can affect survival.

'Uterine Cancer Is on the Rise, Especially Among Black Women' from the New York Times

Cancer of the uterus, also called endometrial cancer, is increasing so rapidly that it is expected to displace colorectal cancer by 2040 as the third most common cancer among women, and the fourth-leading cause of women’s cancer deaths.

'Late-stage cervical cancer on the rise: What to know' from Harvard Health Publishing

New diagnoses of advanced disease rose 1.3% annually during the study period. Southern white women ages 40 to 44 saw an annual rise of 4.5% in advanced cases. Southern Black women ages 55 to 59 were diagnosed nearly twice as often as white women with early and advanced cases.

'HPV Vaccine Age Limit: You Might Not Be Too Old — What You Should Know from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

We recommend that everyone eligible get the vaccine. People ages 26 to 45 should discuss the benefits of the vaccine with their primary care doctor.

'Doulas fighting maternal mortality in the U.S.' from CNN

doulas fighting maternal mortality in the US.png

'Ageism is one of the last socially acceptable prejudices. Psychologists are working to change that' from the American Psychological Association

Ageism is a stubborn prejudice. People of all ages show bias against older adults, though the way they express it changes over the life span.

'Aging and the Social Value of Women' from
Psychology Today

The way we view our own aging can serve as a sort of “self-fulfilling prophecy” whereby a primarily negative self-perception of aging can jeopardize our ability to deal with stress thereby increasing our risk for health issues such as heart disease and cognitive decline.

'The US Is Facing a Loneliness Epidemic — & Older Women Are Hurting the Most' from She Knows

For older women, the country is catching up to the loneliness they’ve felt for a long time now. On top of COVID, women are navigating a stage of life where loss is front and center

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