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Partner with us

Project Nana values the opportunity to partner with organizations, associations, and corporations invested in seasoned women's health. We regularly conduct programming and multi-faceted health education programs to increase awareness of issues and topics related to post-menopausal women's health, the prevention and early diagnoses of disease and improved Add appropriate image large group of women's wellness and quality of life. In an effort to expand the reach of these programs, Project Nana welcomes partnerships with industry leaders, including pharmaceutical companies, consumer product companies, managed care companies, hospitals and health systems, and media establishments to elevate our messages and distribute the information to an even broader range of audiences.

​Our engagement opportunities for corporate partnerships include sponsoring our Take Nana to the Doctor Campaign, programs, health content areas, developing new content for our audience, and underwriting access to screenings and exams for low-income, post-menopausal women.

For more information on how to work with Project Nana, contact Vanessa L. Hill, Executive Director at

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